What Is CBD Tincture

When it comes to tinctures they are used to help treat individuals who are suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. The tinctures are made of alcohol and CBD strains of hemp. Individuals prefer to use tinctures because they have less addictive properties than opiods that are given to treat anxiety and pain. The tinctures are really becoming popular because of the convenience to store and use discreetly. The proper way to take a tincture is to put it under the tongue and let it absorb. There is also an alternative to having an alcohol based tincture. The alternate is to purchase a tincture that is made out of oil, vinegar, or glycerin. If you decide to use one of these alternate liquids they may not work as well as the alcohol water extract.

Why Tinctures Are Taken Sublingually

The reason why CBD tincture is taken under the tongue is because it is easily absorbed and it works faster. The reason why it works faster is because there are a lot of blood vessels that are located in the tongue and these blood vessels allow for the tinctures to enter the bloodstream quickly and therefore providing an immediate effect.  When an individual is considering or is going to purchase a tincture bottle they should be aware that the concentration and bottle size can vary. For anyone who is going to be using the tincture for the first time it is recommended that it is used before bed because it will put you in an extremely relaxed state and can possibly make you sleepy. You must give your body time to adjust to the tincture before you start using it in the daytime.

The exact steps for taking the tincture is as follows. You fill the dropper to the max limit and this is usually 5mg. Once you fill the dropper then you drop the liquid under the tongue. After you place the liquid under the tongue then you hold the liquid in place under the tongue for 1 to 2 minutes and then you swallow. It is recommended that the tinctures be taken with a snack or after a meal. Some of the best snacks that are recommended to take the tincture with in order to increase the absorption are any form of a nut. What makes the absorption happen faster is the high fat content. The tinctures have been proven to be safe but the only downside is that it is unknown how the compound may interact with any prescribed medications.

The Different Ways To Take The Tincture

There are currently a few differently ways that tincture can be consumed and they are with morning coffee, with a smoothie, with a mid afternoon snack, with a night time tea, or with a breakfast yogurt. If you are going to add the tincture to your morning coffee you should make sure you add creamer because the creamer helps the tincture to absorb properly. If you are going to add the tincture to a smoothie the best smoothie blend to mix the tincture with is green vegetables, berries, and peanut butter. The best way to take the tincture as a mid afternoon snack is to mix it with something such as guacamole. The night time tea application of the tincture is self explanatory. You just make your tea and drop the oil in it. The breakfast yogurt application is simple as well. You drop the oil in the yogurt then you stir it and eat.

When it comes to the tincture it seems to be very effective and safe for usage. The tincture is a great alternative to treating anxiety and pain. This can be huge in helping in the fight of opioid addiction. There are multiple different ways that you can take the compound and it is available in different concentrations and volumes.

Louise Author