How to determine that the roof is leaking?

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It is pay attention on the roof health as a worn out roof and any small damage can lead to huge issues in the long run. The roofs that are made from shingles should be inspected at regular intervals for damaged or loose shingles. The most common problem that people in Los Angeles face with the roof is leakage. It can become a major problem in the rainy season. So, it is better to hire a Los Angeles Roofing Contractor and get it repaired before it gets big.

How to Repair a Leaking Roof?

Repairing the leaking roof is not a tough task. The only thing that you need to do is to find the source of leak. It is mostly hard to find as its symptoms are shown somewhere else but the leak originates somewhere else. So, you will have to inspect the whole roof thoroughly.

When inspecting the roof, look for cracked, missing or curled shingles. Also, look for areas where flashing and caulking is compromised. These are the major leak areas.

The next step calls for repairing the roof. You can change the broken shingles. If the shingles have curled, you can straighten them using a brush and brushing it on cement of asphalt roofing. During the repairing process, make sure to apply cement on the edges to secure the shingles and prevent any further damage.

If the leakage is occurring due to flashing around the dormers or chimneys, you can simply seal it. Fill eh roofing cement in the caulk and seal the space. If the leakage ahs occurred from the same place that you had sealed previously, you can reseal it by applying roof cement with the help of putty knife.

Following these simple steps will help you to fix your roof with ease and get rid of the leakage issue.


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