Why prioritising customer experience is important during theamid COVID-19 crisis

It’s always important to prioritise customer experience, and that still rings true during a time of crisis. With many businesses forced to move to digital-only offerings as a result of COVID-19, creating a virtual experience that fosters meaningful relationships with customers is vital.

The public relations team at Adoni Media has some tips on how to effectively improve your customer experience to not only retain clients but gain new ones to grow your business.

Build an emotional connection

Emotions shape attitudes that drive decisions, therefore it is important to establish an emotional connection with customers. They will remember the positive experience when they interacted with your brand and are more likely to return. During the pandemic, it’s important to lead with empathy to humanise the online interaction.

Be transparent

More than ever before, customers expect complete transparency and integrity through brand communications. Particularly during COVID-19, there is a strong need for factual and honest information as brands adapt their business operations to suit the changing, unprecedented environment.

Seek customer feedback

It’s important to seek customer feedback through emails, phone calls, social media posts and surveys. This will allow you to gain positive experiences that you can highlight as testimonials and also identify any problems with the customer experience journey. Based on the feedback, you can make necessary changes to design a better experience for the future.

Maintain a consistent voice

Ensure your brand is easily recognisable through the language and imagery you use across all platforms. A great way to ensure consistency is through creating a style guide to set rules for how you communicate through your website and social media channels. Make sure you eliminate typos and grammatical errors so that you remain credible and trustworthy.

Utilise all platforms

Your audience often won’t just visit your website, but they’ll look to your social media channels as well. Use social media as an opportunity to display how your products and services work, your brand’s values and your thoughts and opinions on industry news.

Louise Author