How To Pick Out The Best Cleaning Company For An Unattended Death Cleanup Philadelphia Pennsylvania

It is hard enough to deal with the loss of a loved one who was under supervision from beloved family members right until his passing away. It is another thing though to come to terms with the death of a beloved whose body had gone unnoticed for an inordinate amount of time, so much so, that the body has gone far along in the stages of decomposition. However painful this might be for the bereaved family though, there is a need for clear thinking and decision making if the right cleanup company must be chosen to perform the unattended death cleanup Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Choosing the perfect company for an unattended death cleanup is very important if the health of those living around the scene and the structural integrity of the scenes’ building is to be kept in a perfect condition. Asides averting health risks, a perfect cleanup job also keeps the property owner clear from legal risks.

Thorough consideration must thus be put into the selection of the cleanup company that a bereaved family must choose. Here are three pointers that can help you choose the right company for the job.

  • How Long They Have Been In Business: The longer the years a company had spent in the death scene cleanup business, the more experience they are likely to have garnered. This level of experience will be directly applied into making sure that death scenes are completely rid of all blood and body tissues that might be present prior to their arrival. 

You can get this information via their website or by having a chat with the company personnel that you are contracting. 

  • Their Method of Disposing Bio-Hazardous Waste: Performing an unattended death cleanup Philadelphia Pennsylvania is not very much like performing a regular crime scene cleanup. With unattended deaths, the cleaners are more likely to encounter more bio-hazardous waste than they would in a quickly noticed homicide scene. It is thus very important that your selected company has a very efficient and risk-free way of disposing of these bio-hazardous wastes.

One way to identify such companies is by asking if they have a permit to handle and dispose of hazardous waste, and if they also work in accordance with the guidelines of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

  • Their Level of Safety: For a company whose major aim is to ensure that crime scenes are thoroughly cleaned up so that it can be safe for people to inhabit them once again, it would be counterproductive if they do not keep their selves safe as they carry out their duties. You thus don’t want to have anything to do with such companies. To be sure that you are in business with a company who has high regards for personal safety, you should do well to ensure that they are OSHA compliant. 

The OSHA fully known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a body that keeps crime scene cleanup companies in check when it comes to safety standards. They require that all crime scene cleaners must understand the risks involved in the job they are doing and how best to steer clear of them. They also ensure that all crime scene cleaners understand and know how to efficiently use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

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