How to Write an Awesome Dating Profile Bio?

Are you looking for really helpful tips on how to write an awesome dating profile bio? Then this article is for you. Creating a profile that reflect your true essence takes some work. Rather than say, “I love adventures,” show your adventurous side with a picture and a caption that demonstrate the type of adventures you enjoy.

Forget saying, “I like long walks on the beach.” Post a picture of yourself at the beach, hiking, or fishing; demonstrate your love of adventure. Pictures and their captions are the keys to a swipe right quality date night. 

A blank bio will decrease your chances of catching a potential date. Dating experts recommend entering at least simple phrases. Leaving sections blank can result in missed opportunity. Writing a quality dating profile bio makes a huge difference. A good dating profile bio helps you find matches that are best suited for you.

Here are some tips from the pros to help you write an amazing dating profile bio.

End-Goals are Important – Ladies Want To Know Why Are You Dating

A dating bio should state your end goals. Don’t be afraid to be clear about what you want. Ladies want to know why you are dating, and why on this app. Are you looking to date a specific type? Even if you are interested in cougar dating, write it out. There are many women out there interested in this segment of dating.

The truth is that everyone has an agenda, and you want to make yours clear to meet the best match. People who are seeking a sexual partner have a very different end-goal than people seeking true love. If you’re looking to one night stands, you don’t want to waste time dating someone looking for commitment. State your end-goal in your dating profile bio.

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Conversation Starters Are Necessary – Craft Them

Starting a conversation is difficult for many people. Your dating profile bio should include conversation starters. Don’t make the mistake of only including one topic or hobby in a dating profile bio; it makes it difficult for someone to start a conversation with confidence. Provide information that will allow a potential date to approach you with an interesting conversation.

Finding the perfect match starts with quality conversations. Some people do not have confidence as conversation starters; provide them with a detailed dating profile bio that includes conversation starters like hobbies, favorite activities, and personal interests.

The Magic of Media – Show Don’t Tell

The magic of media starts with the principle — show, don’t tell. Think of your favorite movie, story, or social media site. The key to their success is the ability to show rather than tell. Instagram is a great example of a social media site that shows rather than tells a story. Think of your dating profile bio as the platform where you can show people how you enjoy life.

Skip the adjectives and focus on action. If you love to ski, don’t write, ‘My favorite hobby is skiing;’ post a picture of you on the slopes at your favorite mountain with a caption that says, “Just another day in the life of a ski-loving adventure seeker.” This method allows potential dates to start a conversation with you by asking about your adventures.

List Your Deal Makers & Deal Breakers

Your dating profile bio should clearly show who you are and what you like. Include the important deal makers and deal breakers so that you don’t waste time with people you’re not interested in dating. Your personality and values are important facts to include in a dating profile bio. Focus on positive truths about yourself and what you want in a partner.

There are parts of life that can make or break a relationship. List the things that are important to you. Are you an athlete, artist, or outdoor enthusiast? Include these facts. What are you looking for on this dating website?

Be clear about what you want. Are you looking to meet new people, date casually, looking for over 50s dating or are you looking for commitment? Let people know what you want and what you don’t want. Non-smoker, seeking commitment; these are examples of important deal makers and breakers you should include in your dating bio.

List Your True Relationship Status

It’s important to be clear about what you want. Some people are looking for hookups and others are looking for romantic relationships. What you want should necessarily be part of your dating profile bio. Relationships are complicated and so is dating. Make it clear what you want.

Listing your true relationship status is extremely important. If you’ve just ended a relationship, are in the process of divorcing, or you are completely single the truth matters. There are many people who will not judge you for your current status; but they will judge you for lying about it.

Honesty: Always the Best Policy

We live in an age of technology. Don’t lie about anything. It’s too easy to get caught. Honesty is always the best policy. Your profile should express the truth about your life. You want someone to pick your profile because they relate to you. Everyone has some issue, best to put it out there and get responses from people interested in the real you.

Share Your Humor Style

Including something humorous has the effect of making a potential date believe they are attracted. Humor is a great way to connect with others. Sharing funny stories will increase the odds that potential dates will strike up a conversation.

 No Clichés: They Kill Your Dating Chances

Avoid clichés, they will get your profile rejected. Avoid terms like, “looking for a partner in crime” or “seeking my ride or die chick”; these terms are turn-offs for most women. Keep your dating profile bio unique. Let potential dates know what you like by saying things that will allow her to start a conversation, “I’m seeking a date interested in developing a relationship.”

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