Introduction to Facial laser hair removal for both men and women

Women used to employ several facial hair removal techniques in past including shaving, waxing or depilatory creams. Out of these facial hair removal treatments, shaving is possible the worst for any woman. The reason is that the woman has to practically do it daily and after repeated sessions the re-growth of the hair becomes stubby and unpleasant. This can make most women self-conscious about touching their face and in some cases, they get the terribly embarrassing 5 o’clock shadow. You may also want to go for electrolysis but it is suitable only for a small number of hairs.

Causes of Female Facial Hair Growth

This problem is also referred to as female hirsutism. It is basically caused by hormonal imbalance associated normally with a common disorder called PCOS. So, it is necessary to rule out the cause before embarking on invasive treatments because, hormonal imbalance may cause immediate re-growth of the hair.

Why Laser hair Removal?

The guys at Bareskin South Africa says that in normal case, laser hair removal is the only solution that comes close to being a permanent one. The treatment disables a large quantity of hair follicles at their roots under your skin. Although the results are not 100% removal of hair, it practically ensures that there is no re-growth. Even the remaining portions of hair appear visibly weak, pale and thin.

Facial Laser Hair Removal prices, side effects and other factors to Consider

All women having the facial hair problems will consider the cost of treatment to be an important factor and will be happy to invest if the hair removal is complete. The home facial hair removal methods like depilatory creams or waxing in the long term are more likely to add up to more than a normal laser hair removal treatment.

Mercifully there are little to no serious side effects involved in laser hair removal treatment. Some women may experience skin redness for a few days but it subsides within a few days. It is advisable to get the treatment done on a Friday to get some privacy for a couple of days. You may also want to use makeup after the laser hair removal treatment.

It is also important to find out the type laser being used for the treatment. Also check the references offered by the clinic and ask for the number of treatment sessions required for your facial laser hair removal.

The laser hair removal in case of men is normally associated with various athletes. Studies have shown some that they might benefit in terms of their performance if they had less body hair. Male models and body builders practice hair removal regularly as a method to enhance their physical appearance. Nowadays, men who do not fall under any of the above categories also perform hair removal on their faces and bodies. There are other methods as well but they are painful such as waxing and shaving. Another popular method is electrolysis but none is as painless and effective as laser hair removal.


During this hair removal treatment, the laser light gets focused on independent hair shaft. It penetrates the hair shaft and kills the hair root. Although this does not kill the hair follicle permanently, there are little to no chances of the hair growing back again after laser hair removal. You can use this technique on almost all parts of your body. However, the genital and torso areas respond better. Area of your body that requires the treatment along with the thickness of hair generally determines the time required for this laser treatment. Normally the facial hairs are easy to remove and they present smaller areas and as a result take only few minutes. More thick hair from large growths like those found on your legs and torso may take around an hour or so each. Sometimes you will need multiple treatments. You skin tone is also a critical factor as lighter skin tone normally needs lesser time for the treatment.

Side Effects

Although some users report a slight pain during the laser procedure, it largely depends on the skin sensitivity in the area under treatment. Some redness may be observed for 1-3 days after the treatment along with a little bit of swelling of hair follicle. Sometimes there is skin irritation and itchiness during the procedure or shortly after. On in some rare occasions a little bit of bleeding and change in skin pigmentation is reported.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men

The cost of the laser treatment is generally determined by the area that has to be treated. Larger area with dense hair growth will obviously cost more. It also depends on the quantity of hair to be removed as sometimes the hair reduction is required instead of complete removal. This will also affect the cost. Certain areas of the country are charging more than others. Quality of equipment and infrastructure also affects the cost of the procedure.

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