Things You Should Check Before Joining An Acting School


Choosing a drama school can be quite a daunting task as there are many factors one needs to consider. There is a multitude of factors to consider which holistically contribute towards your success upon passing out of the acting school.

Listed below are a few unmissable aspects to keep in mind and consider before joining an acting school:


1. Your interests


Choose an acting school based on what interests you. Every drama or acting school will have different class modules. Studying and researching them based on your interests are the first steps towards choosing an acting class for oneself.


2. Research


Acting schools are growing in number and it is important to thoroughly research before choosing the right acting school in London. Few points to research about an acting school can be: who is going to be teaching you, are they still in the profession, the student to teacher ratio, the opportunities they provide to perform in front of the public, what casting agents attend their showcases, the body of work of their alumni and so on.

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3. Reputation


Of paramount importance is the reputation of the school. Needless to say, good ones would have a high reputation. But, there could be cases where newer ones or upcoming ones could prove noteworthy too. Again, check on the teaching staff, the type of course they offer which could include things like getting trained by experts, a high-intensive course which could demand full commitment or courses that focus on practical lessons.


Also, remember schools with strong teaching modules, and finally churning out promising actors would always have good casting agents attending their showcases.


4. Course Fee


If you earn yourself a spot in an acting school in London of your choice but the course fee seems to be on the higher side, do not give up as these days there are convenient student loans available, with many schools offering scholarships too. The idea is not to give up if the fee is a hurdle.


5. Social Media


In an age of social media, an acting school in London is for sure to be present on the digital platforms. As a potential student, you need to be active on social media and follow your drama schools there. Most acting schools will choose to keep updating their current happenings on their social media pages and it is a healthy way to keep oneself updated on what you need to prep for as a student. Also, it is a great way to choose the right acting school as the social media pages are a mirror of what the school is like.


6. Do not rush in


Above all, let your decision be not a hasty one. You may crack it to a reputed and good acting school, but remember to trust your gut feeling and take your time.


Method Acting upholds the principle of giving the most promising acting courses and modules to students in order to bring out the best in them. The results simply speak for themselves, so if you’re an actor serious about pursuing a degree in acting, this is a great option.

Louise Author