Mistakes People Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

So you’ve decided to paint your kitchen cabinets. Don’t make the same mistakes that countless homeowners have committed before you. This is the time to get smart about cabinet painting san jose ca, you don’t want to the job to look like an amateur performed the work, even if an amateur was at the helm.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, not if you know what to do and what not to do in the preparation and execution of the task at hand. We all like to save some money by putting on our DIY’er hat every so often and, the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to be professionally gifted at painting, kitchen cabinets or otherwise.

While most of the time it’s best to leave cabinet refinishing and remodeling to the experts, but when it means painting the door and drawer facades, this is work you can do successfully. Just be careful not to commit these following mistakes:

Scour Your Cabinets

It never fails, some homeowner looking to do the work fast and easy gets out their paint and rollers and goes to town without considering the thick layer of grease, smoke, grime, and other accumulated remnants of all those meals gone by. The fact is, you need to degrease your cabinets before you place brush to paint because all of that gunk is only going to act as a barrier between your cabinet surface and your new paint or stain.

The result is a paint job that looks bad. Real bad. Because the grease and gunk will prevent your new color from bonding to the cabinet surfaces. So clean everything thoroughly before you start work.

Don’t Account for Time

Most do-it-yourselfers will underestimate the real time it takes to do the work properly. While many amateurs are convinced, they can polish off the job in a weekend, the reality is that you need to give yourself a minimum of five days to really ensure the work is done right.

You want to take that time to make sure every detail is considered and your paint job looks good. That means going slow and applying more than one layer giving the previous one enough time to dry completely.

Take Off the Doors and Drawers

This is the most common mistake that people make and it’s one of the sillier indicators of abject laziness. There’s no sense in trying to repaint your kitchen cabinets while they’re still intact. You simply cannot reach all of the areas you need to when you’re trying to paint.

So be sure to remove the doors and drawers and take off the hardware attached to them both, like handles, pulls, and knobs. These will only get in the way of your doing a good job. Just take the time to do the work and remove your doors and drawers, clean them entirely, and paint them slowly and carefully.

You will be happier with the result when you don’t make these common mistakes.

Louise Author