Some Clothing Items to Give to the USA Settled Brother This Raksha Bandhan

Styling is not meant for girls only. Brothers also have the right to look handsome. The thought that was on the minds in earlier days is that men do not have many options to decide on. A simple pant and a shirt are all that they have to carry. But, this modernity has changed it all. Now, they have a wide range of options available. This is also a golden opportunity for sister as they can make their USA settled brother go mad by sending him some clothing outfits as Rakhi gift. So, it is all sorted for this Raksha Bandhan as you are going to send a clothing item with Rakhi for Brother to the USA.

Deciding a dress for any festival is a bit tricky task. Though girls have hundreds of options, then it took almost a month to them for deciding a perfect outfit, and here we are talking about boys. So, the task will be a little cranky. But, don’t worry as we have found out some options for you so that you can choose your favorite one to send to the USA.

1. Monochrome dark colored outfit

Boys generally rock the world with dark colors. So, pick a dark colored trouser probably of dark brown or gray and paired it with a short sleeved shirt. This classy outfit will go well with any function and also with the day-to-day routine.

2. Light colored summery outfit

Light colors are the most favorite of boys. So give a decent outfit to your brothers like a shirt of white or off-white color and ripped jeans. This look will surely look, killer.

3. Floral shirts and trousers

RakshaBandhan basically falls in the month of summers with a sprinkle of rain. So, you can choose to give your brother an outfit with floral designs. Pick a floral shirt with dark-colored shorts, and here your perfect summery outfit is ready.

4. All-time favorite Denim

Who doesn’t love denim? This can be the easiest go option for the sister if they do not know the taste of their brothers. Just grab a denim jacket may be a distressed one, and send it to your brother. He will fix the inner and bottom himself.

5. Joggers with layers of shirts and t-shirts

Joggers ate most comfortable. So, pick a basic colored t-shirt and a loose sweatshirt and pair it with a pair of joggers. This layering of shirt and t-shirt will enhance the look, and he will no doubt fall in love with the choice of yours.

6. Off-white long coat with distressed jeans

Long coats can never be out of trend if we talk about the USA. So, be sorted and send your brother a branded long coat that will be his all-time favorite.

7. Over-sized shirts with a plain trouser

Who wants to move like a hanger always covered with clothes? So, give your brother a comfortable outfit. Pick a checked loose shirt and a plain colored trouser that will give a complete blend of style and trend.

8. Baggy jeans with short sleeves shirts

Why go for only loose shirts when you have the option of baggy jeans also? Yes, go and pick baggy jeans and pair them with a short sleeved light colored shirt. This outfit will make him go crazy.

9. Cargo trousers with loose shirts

Pants which have many pockets and cool loose look are the ones which every male needs in summers. So, give a cargo pant and loose dark colored shirt to your brother which he can carry to any function and even to dates.

10. Bucket hats with floral short shirts

Hats are the new trend rocking the markets. Pick a bucket loose hat and pair it with a floral shirt and dark colored shorts. This is the complete beach look which will make your brother go wow.

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Louise Author