Mobile App Advertising Trends in 2019

The number of smartphone users across the globe will pass 3.8 billion by 2021, according to a report by market researcher Newzoo. As a consequence, mobile app advertising is getting more and more important.

Constantly, there are a huge number of new mobile applications emerging on android and iOS app stores. As a result, mobile app advertising intensity has turned out to be significantly fiercer. The entire business is reliably searching for new advertising possibilities.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is quickly turning into an additional time save and a practical approach to achieve new potential clients and reach target audience. Key issue with influencer marketing is finding the appropriate influencer for the appropriate marketing campaign. If influencer is selected accordingly, mobile app owners will be able to market their product efficiently.


Experts claim that ultrafast 5G is set to bring about even more capabilities in the mobile app advertising world. 5G comes with faster download speeds up to 10 times that of 4G. This feature of 5G will enable marketers easily use and even more update interactive ads, such as playable and AR advertising formats in order to offer a better user experience without network latency for target audience.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

AR/VR technology has given users the power to bring their imagination to life and gave them a whole new perspective to products. There are too many advertisements on mobile platforms so people only remember mobile ads which are interactive enough to hold their attention. Traditional media (mobile advertisement formats) are putting a constraint on the level of interaction mobile app user can have with a mobile ad. However, AR/VR has challenged all those limits and has provided mobile users with interactive ads that go way beyond the traditional mobile ad formats. Therefore augmented/virtual reality based mobile advertisement format will be an important investment for mobile marketers.

Rewarded Video

The implementation of opt-in value exchange advertising by publishers and advertisers, often recognized as rewarded video ads, is now on the surge. This development is influenced by consumer frustration with intrusive ads, the motivation of brands to interact more adequately with buyers, and the pursuit of publishers for new revenue channels by engaging ads. Using rewarded video type mobile ads can be a good idea for mobile app owners and can also be considered as in-app advertisement for additional funding in 2019.


There are many options a mobile app owner can consider for advertising. We wanted to explain you some trends but you should be searching and updating yourself constantly. If you want another third party company to deal with your mobile app advertising you can visit this site to learn more about opportunities.

Louise Author