Sewage Backup Cleanup Service: How to Clean Up Sewage Damage

No matter how scared we are to admit it, there is a percentage of certainty that a sewage backup damage could happen in the home at any point in time. A sewage backup shouldn’t be handled with levity because it is more than a mere flood situation. It is a condition that requires professional sewage backup cleanup services.  These experts work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So no matter the time you encounter sewage backup in your home, these damage restoration companies can help.

Health Effects of Sewage Backup

Exposure to sewage or it’s products can cause a number of health-related issues, which may include:


It is commonly known as an inflammation of the liver which happens from being in contact with a virus called viral hepatitis. Hepatitis caused by a sewage backup is mostly portrayed by jaundice and soreness of the liver.

Well’s disease

An acute feverish disease with symptoms of gastroenteritis, mild jaundice, persistent and severe headache.


Excessive irritation gives rise to symptoms of which include diarrhea, vomiting, pains and also an inflammation of the stomach. This is also as a result of exposure to infectious agents.

Occupational asthma

Asthma is known as a disorder in the respiratory system which is characterized by short breath, chest tightness and wheezing.

Other health issues that could occur includes:

Fatal liver, kidney, blood damage, skin, and eye infection.

Spreading Disease

Microorganisms have three major ways in which they get into the human body. The first way is through hand-to-mouth contact, which is the commonest of all. It could be gotten from eating, smoking, and drinking. Secondly, contaminated organisms could gain access into the body system as you breath in contaminated dust. They could gain access into the body through the eyes and nose.

The types of organisms found in sewage backup are plentiful, and you don’t want to be exposed to them. In this case, you need to contact sewage backup cleanup services to help get rid of the water as fast as possible. That is the only way you can protect yourself and your family members.

As earlier stated, professional sewage backup cleanup services are in the best position to help clean the affected areas. If it is a situation whereby the backup spill is restricted to just a particular area in the home, it is better than having many areas in the home flooded. If lots of areas are affected, it is highly advisable to remove all items in the space. Take into notice that cleaning the affected items wouldn’t be enough to get rid of all contaminations and foul smell.

The cleanup process is far beyond just taking away affected items; the entire home needs to go through a process of complete bacteria eradication. This procedure is important to get rid of all the diseases and foul smells that have invaded the house. Sewage backup cleanup services can make your home habitable once again. Contact them today.

Louise Author