Semen Analysis: How is it Done and Understanding Results

Semen Analysis in Arizona is a very essential part of those investigations and tests that are done to know the reasons of infertility issues in men. This test is done as a surrogate measure when it comes to check the fertility in males and risks or pregnancy in women. It has been seen that laboratory tests of male semen are still not too much advanced. The profile of semen still remains as the base to study male fertility. Some research reports from Word Health Organization are guiding doctors and surgeons about how to carry the test of knowing the quality male semen. These reports also suggest tips to control the quality of semen in men. If you approach a fertility clinic in Arizona then you might know how the doctors here follow the most advanced methods to check the quality and fertility of semen in men.

How does semen testing help you?

The testing its sperms is done to know whether they have the biological power to impregnate females or not. When the semen reaches the ova and fertilizes with them to form a Zygote then a fetus develops in the uterus of females. This procedure gives rise to birth of a child. Today you may come across many technologies that will tell you what is the use of semen testing when any couple is not able to come across the condition of pregnancy. When you make use of these functions well then you can understand their results in favor of the patients very well.

What factors are included while doing the test of semen?

Doing the analysis of semen is among the most essential factors to know and tell the reasons of infertility in men. This kind of infertility test in males should be done with high clinical standard to know its entire parameters. Most doctors do the analysis of sperms to know how much sperms are present in the semen of men and to what extent they can give fertility power to males. If you do the analysis of semen as a routine then you will know many things like production of sperms, their motility, their movement in the male genital tract, their secretion, ejaculation and even their impregnation to females.

Why the testing and analysisof male semen is done?

When the female partner in a couple is health from fertility point of view then the fertility health of the male partner is checked. In this condition the sperm and semen of the male partner is checked. This is done because most males having a sexually and pregnant healthy partner might not be fertile due to weak semen. Due to these reasons a couple might not be able to conceive. Some men get the analysis of sperms or semen due to the reason that when they break vasectomy then also they are not able to impregnate their female partner. As a man if you are not able to make your female partner conceive even after much time of breaking your vasectomy then you might need to do the analysis of your semen.

How is the analysis of male semen done?

You may like to know what is the procedure of analysis of semen? Well this done by collecting a semen sample in a container that is sterile and also has a wide mouth. You may even collect your semen sample at home as instructed by your doctor. When you deposit the semen sample to your doctor or surgeon then its test should be done within one hour or else the sperms in the semen might get destroyed due to natural heat within one hour. In this condition the doctor may not be able to give the correct report of your semen fertility test. We can conclude the analysis of a semen sample must be complete within one hour after its collection.

What are additional steps of doing the analysis of semen?

You may even deposit your semen sample to the clinic in a frozen chamber. This semen sample can be used for testing even after two days. You need to follow the instructions given by your doctor. When you get done a full analysis of a semen sample then you will be able to know the quality of it. You will also be able to see how much sperms this semen sample has and what is the quality of these sperms? When doctors carry these tests then they check the quantity and quality of these sperms through a microscope. It is the sperm that gives report of fertility power in men.

Can this analysis be done with other infertility tests?

When doctors do the analysis of semen in males then they are able to know whether he will be able to make a woman conceive or not. This test measures the fertility power in men if their partner is healthy from pregnancy point of view. We have seen that most of these tests are done to check the quality and quantity of sperms to measure their fertility power. This kind of analysis might be also done in combination with other infertility tests. In this way doctors may be able to know who in a couple is infertile due to which their pregnancy is blocked?

Understanding the results of analysis of male semen

Semen Analysis in Arizona can also be done at a very affordable low cost when a couple is not be able to conceive even after regular sexual intercourse for one year. Most doctors do these tests to know the well marked reason about the blockage of pregnancy in a woman due to infertility of her male partner. If these tests are positive then it can be deemed that the male partner in a couple is infertile due to less quantity and low quality of sperms. As a male if you are suffering from infertility issues then you can get semen test at any fertility clinic in Arizona. Here you will get the most advanced medical technology to know the reason of infertility in you.

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