Simple Bucks Party Ideas on a Budget

Bucks parties are hard to plan and expensive too. The best man has his work it out for him. In addition to organising the groomsmen, their suits, thinking up a killer speech, rehearsals and a lot of things that might seem small but are significant, he still needs to come up with a great plan for a bucks party. Go to a strip club they say, but everyone thinks it’s the only idea there is. People have been known to go to great lengths to plan bucks parties including flying out of the country. This is unnecessary of course since there are so many venues and strip clubs in Melbourne that you can host a bucks party in.

Theme your night

Bucks parties are about adventure. So, centre your bucks party ideas around adventure. The goal is to create a memorable day. Liquor is essential to get rid of any lingering inhibitions you can have. Drinks and strippers is a real thing but it can get tedious if all you do is drink and watch naked ladies gyrating on stage. A great idea to spice things up is to devise drinking contests. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with alcohol fuelled events, but it does not have to end up with a naked guy tied to a lamp post with a tattoo on his face and no memory of that happened 24 hours ago.

How about you class it up. Hire a private room at the strip club and instead of paying for bottle service have a whiskey and cigar theme. Have the club line up the best whiskeys and get some cigars to sample. If you are doing this in a strip club of course you can expect some stripper entertainment. With a private room booking you won’t be clamouring over the same girl with the rest of the club patrons.

As far as the cost, you can expect to pay at least $200 for a bottle of premium whiskey. You can visit your local cigar shop and get a Sampler’s pack for $40. However, if you want high quality booze then you need to be prepared to pay more.

If hard liquor is not your thing and your palls are beer snobs then you can swop the whiskey for craft beer. Australia is known for its craft beer industry and most clubs stock local craft beer brands. Sample what the club has and pay for a couple of lap dances.

The idea can be taken further by getting a professional to walk you through what you are sampling but this is something you can skip. Just skip the connoisseur and enjoy drinking.

In keeping with the drinking game

Incorporate some drinking games in your plan. If all you do is drink, smoke cigars and watch strippers, the night could turn boring very quickly. Drinking games will bring some much needed variety and they are absolutely free. There are a number of games you can play like beer pong, quarters or drunk jenga.

Pub Crawl

Bucks nights tend to go on for hours. Staying put in one place could be boring even with strippers gyrating and shimmying in front of you. Bring some variety into your bucks party ideas by taking the guys on a pub crawl. Variety is the key here, so you want to hit different spots that have different things to offer. Again, keep the budget in mind. You shouldn’t have to spend more that $100 at one spot. You might want to do this before you hit that high octane strip club and begin the night in a quoted pub, get some food whilst you are at it. Then move on to other bars like a dance club, or a jazz club or maybe some casino spot and when everyone’s spirits have been lifted high enough, hit the strip club for some high level debauchery.

Planning a bucks party does not have to be a production and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You know your mates better, just make sure everyone is on board with what you have planned and ensure there is plenty of food and water.


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