Tips To Successful Learning

One of the most significant challenges in everyday school life is coping with the complex learning material. But how do you learn to learn? We have summarized the most important tips for successful learning.

Tip 1: Motivation As A Prerequisite For Successful Learning

Learning researchers agree that student motivation plays a vital role when it comes to learning successfully. Because only those who associate something positive with learning, are interested in the topics and see a point in learning can motivate themselves to sit down at their desks.

Set goals together that motivate:  Those who speak English well can sing along on the radio. Those who are good in other courses can read not only great books but also become an author. Find small and large incentives that motivate you to learn independently.

Tip 2: Use Fascination For Digital Media

Students know precisely how they like to learn best: According to the study, learning while having fun, 45 percent of the students surveyed have the most joy when they are to study with computers, tablets, or smartphones. Also, a third say that learning content is best remembered when it is packaged in a story.

Tip 3: Learn To Learn With The Right Strategy

There are countless learning tips – but these only help us to anchor knowledge in our minds if they suit us. Because everyone learns best in their way. That’s why there are different types of learners: one learns best by writing everything down, the other by watching a video, a third by learning in groups. Find out together which learner type you belongs to and which learning aids are suitable for you.

Tip 4: Free Time Helps With Learning

Studies show that students get better grades when they take a long 20 to 30-minute break before classwork even when on a youth exchange program. The brain is very receptive in school students but needs extensive regeneration phases to process the day’s information in long-term memory.

So make sure that you take regular breaks while studying. Sufficient sleep, plenty of exercise in the fresh air, and a healthy, balanced diet – these are the prerequisites for concentration and successful learning.

And another tip: never study similar subjects one after the other. Research shows when, e.g., B. Immediately aftermath, a top-heavy subject such as Latin or physics is learned, only 1/3 of the material remains. But if you do sports immediately after an intensive learning phase and sleep a lot afterward, there is a good chance that the knowledge will migrate into long-term memory.


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