Top tips that will help you in buying a gaming CPU

Over the past decade, gaming industry has grown significantly. Nowadays, people are making some of the most powerful computers that can play any latest game without breaking a sweat. Websites like have a great collection of gaming setups and peripherals that you can check out.

The points given below will help you to get a good gaming CPU that are future proof-

  • Go for an upgradable setup

When buying a gaming PC, make sure that your CPU has the latest ports like USB type-c and hardware along with space to add newer and better equipment. It is better to have upgradable parts when buying a gaming PC so that newer games can run smoothly even after your setup becomes old.

  • Make it VR ready

VR is the future of gaming according to many experts. A lot of VR based games are already under development and a few have also launched publicly. This is why you should have the necessary hardware for VR compatibility as it will allow you to run newer VR games easily without any issue.

  • Avoid smaller units

While buying their first setup, a lot of people think to invest in a small sized CPU cabinet. While this may seem fine for initial years, as you gain more experience and become more interested in gaming, you will need to upgrade the hardware. This is not possible in a small CPU as it won’t be having space for all the necessary upgrades that you might need. It is better to invest in a large unit as it will be easier to upgrade when the time comes.  

  • Be prepared to change some parts

Things like RAM, hard disk and your GPU might need to be upgraded in a few years. This is because newer games may need latest hardware to provide smooth in game performance and your ageing hardware won’t allow it. It is better to buy the latest hardware when buying your new setup as it will be future proof. 

Louise Author