When Is it Time to Replace a Toilet?

One of the most frequently used appliances in the home is the toilet. Over time, it’s inevitable that a toilet will need to be replaced, even after the replacement of parts, or undergoing other plumbing-related services. Unfortunately, knowing whether the toilet needs to be replaced may not always be very obvious. Let’s examine three common signs that will help to determine if a toilet replacement is in order and how a qualified plumber Beverly Hills can help.


Most modern toilets are composed of porcelain which is a reliable and sturdy material that allows a toilet to last for years. However, it is important to periodically inspect your toilet for hairline cracks on the inside and outside the bowl, basin and the tank. Over time, tiny cracks in any of these parts can result in water leakage which can cause damage to flooring and sub flooring, and also create an ideal environment for the growth of hazardous mold. Check around the base of the toilet for moisture and ensure that the seal grouting has not been compromised by moisture or leaking water.


Pending any catastrophic incidents like earthquakes or deliberate demolition, the average lifespan of the porcelain toilet is approximately 100 years. However, the inner components of a toilet may only have an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years. Factors such as the hardness of water that fills the toilet, the development of mineral deposits or the quality of toilet components also affect the length of use. Today’s modern toilets are designed with low flow options making them more efficient than older toilets. So it is important to consider the age of an older toilet even it seems to function well to help with reducing utility costs.

Consistent Clogging

One of the most common occurrences of a toilet is clogging. Whether a toddler decides to simultaneously flush toys down the toilet or clogs are caused by other means and occur more frequently, this may a sign that the inner workings of the toilet are worn or damaged indicating that it is time to consider replacing the toilet. Over time, mineral deposits can begin to settle in the pipes which can cause build-up, creating jagged surfaces that can cause flushed items to cause clogging. If you have had to call upon a professional plumberin Burbank on more than an occasional basis, it may be time to consider a replacement.

While these are only just a few signs that may indicate your toilet needsreplacement, a professional plumber Beverly Hills can assist you with replacing your toilet and finding the right style and height that will suit your needs.

Louise Author