Your Guide to Types of Oriental Rugs Coral Gables

You’ve decided: it’s time. You’ve measured, saved, and budgeted for the Oriental rug of your dreams. Now you’re ready to invest in one or more of the high-quality oriental rugs Coral Gables residents crave. If you’re looking for oriental rugs Coral Gables is a great city to start in. It has a number of expert rug vendors who can help you through the decision-making process. But as you get started, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of types of Oriental rugs available. Here’s a brief guide to help you learn the lingo.

Persian Styles


Persian rugs are made in Iran (modern-day Persia). Persians have been making these hand-woven rugs for at least 2500 years, so you might choose a Persian rug if you value authenticity. These rugs are known for their quality and tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum.


Tabriz rugs are a subset of Persian rugs handmade in Tabriz, a city well west of Tehran. Tabriz carpets often feature a medallion style design, and good ones have a short, rough pile. Other common elements for Tabriz rugs include willows, cypresses, and arabesques.


Some say Isfahan rugs are some of the highest quality Persian rug styles. Isfahan rugs can be a mix of wool and silk on a foundation of cotton or silk. They often have special wool accents woven in. Their knot count is higher than normal, yet they remain soft. Expect to see Isfahan rugs in bright red with deep blue and indigo.

Other Styles


Oriental rugs source from places like Turkey, India, and Pakistan. Weaving practices developed differently in each locale, leading to a rich variety of results. For example, many Oriental rugs use natural vegetable dyes that create a more muted color palette. Kashmiri and Herecke rugs are two luxurious styles of Oriental rug.


As the name suggests, transitional rugs lie somewhere between traditional Persian or Oriental rugs and contemporary rugs. These rugs will have some traditional element (say, a traditional design) paired with something nontraditional (say, bolder colors).


Hand-woven Contemporary rugs combine the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional rugs with bold, contemporary patterns and colors. Weaving and craftsmanship methods, including material choice and knot count, can vary widely. Note also that the term “contemporary rug” can also describe cheaper, mass-produced rugs that have a contemporary style, like the ones you’ll find at big-box stores. Never fear: a serious rug dealer will sell only high-quality contemporary rugs.

There are many more styles and substyles available, of course. But now that you know some of the major types of Oriental rugs available, contact us today to select the rug that’s perfect for you.

Louise Author