5 Most Effective Ways to Get the Best Value Out of Your Frequent Flyer Reward Points

Travelling refreshes your soul. Frequent Flyer Programs of airline companies help you rack up frequent flyer points as you travel to new destinations. To know about the different ways you can use these points, read on.

Travelling to new places can rejuvenate your mind. But air travel can easily become heavy on the pocket. However, this doesn’t mean air travel is never rewarding. Frequent flyer programs of airline companies help travellers stack up points or airmiles for every rupee spent. These points can later be redeemed in a variety of ways. Following are five ways you can make travel fun with air miles on your frequent flyer program.

  1. Fly To Your Dream Destination: You can redeem your flyer miles to book a flight to your dream holiday destination. The best part about this is that you do not need to choose the principal airline to book the flight ticket. Some selected programs let you book a flight of any airline. Moreover, you can also buy tickets for your friends and family using these miles. However, do note that the air miles you need to exchange will depend on distance, location and date of travel.
  2. Cabin upgrade: To make your journey more comfortable, frequent flyer miles can be easily used to upgrade your cabin. Cabin upgrades can be done on both domestic and international flights, and the number of flyer miles required for the upgrade depends on the route, cabin class, and fare choices.
  3. Shopping: There are different ways by which you can redeem your flyer points to shop for your favourite products. Some airlines have their reward stores where you can redeem your flyer points to buy from a wide variety of products, while other airlines have tie-ups with e-commerce sites and physical stores. You can shop from a plethora of goods by redeeming your frequent flyer points at these destinations.
  4. Gifting flyer miles to a friend: An often overlooked approach of redeeming your frequent flyer points is to gift your flyer miles to friends and family. To gift flyer miles to a friend, you can redeem your reward points directly from your frequent flyer program, or you can buy flyer miles with cash. Gifting frequent flyer points is a unique gift and can help your loved ones go on their holiday trip or even help a friend book a ticket easily in case of an emergency.
  5. Book a Hotel: Airline companies have tie-ups with many hotel chains across the globe. You can use your frequent flyer miles or use a mix of cash and flyer miles to pay for your stay at these partner hotels and enjoy a luxurious stay. You can also redeem your frequent flyer points to avail car rentals or even vacation packages. Now, that’s a fun thing to do with your air miles, right?

Frequent flyer programs are a form of a loyalty program, and every major airline has its frequent flyer program with different perks and features. However, it is best to stick to a reputed airline company and its loyalty program to reap the most benefits.

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