Add Flair to Your Kitchen Design With Mid-century Modern Cabinets

Are you looking for contemporary cabinets for your kitchen? Then you would be glad to know that the mid-century modern cabinets are trending again and are quite popular among homeowners, who like cabinets with solid wood finish with metallic elements.

The stylized design of these cabinets fit perfectly with the contemporary and eclectic home décor styles. Furthermore, its features, such as its association with the Scandinavian minimalism and use of natural materials make it extremely popular even today.

What homeowners and designers especially like about the mid-century modern cabinets about this version of modern cabinets is their sleek, simple, streamlined appearance with minimalist or no ornamentation. This cabinet trend rose to popularity after World War II and existed approximately from the mid-1930s to mid -1960s. The timeless style of these cabinets, however, continues to attract many people even today.

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When you consider adorning your home with mid-century modern cabinets, you need not compromise on aesthetics and function. Here are some key features of mid-century modern cabinetry and styling ideas that make a simple yet sophisticated home interior.

Distinguishing Features of mid-century Modern Cabinets

  • Clean and Sleek Lines 

The mid-century modern cabinets feature curves, clean lines, and smooth surfaces that create a versatile and understated look. The design mainly emphasizes on the basic elements and the functionality of the cabinets and makes the overall space look airy and light.

Any excess ornamentation and heavy decorative elements are not seen on this cabinet that was a typical aspect of Baroque, Colonial and other styles of furniture in the past. These cabinets mainly feature uncluttered and clean look putting emphasis on the functionality of the furniture rather than the ornamentation.

  • Cabinet Door Style 

Flat front cabinet with frameless construction is the typical of mid-century modern cabinets. With s smooth and sleek look, these cabinets feature a slab panel or flat panel cabinet doors. The cabinet doors are built with solid slab devoid of any frame, separate panel or applied molding. The slab doors come with minimal detailing.

Slab cabinet doors are sleek and contemporary in style enhancing the utilitarianism of the cabinet rather than the ornamentation. You can consider utilizing solid hardwood or wood veneer slab panel doors on your cabinetry.

  • Cabinet Materials 

Natural solid wood is mostly used to build mid-century modern cabinets to add a rustic and natural warmth to a contemporary kitchen. However, due to international influences, wood veneer is now also widely used for making these cabinets.

Another popular material for making mid-century kitchen cabinets is glass as they are a great way to display all your chinaware and other exquisite kitchen items while maintaining the minimalism that is unique of these cabinets. Plywood, vinyl, metal, plexiglass are other materials that are also utilized in the manufacturing of these cabinets.

  • Cabinet Color 

Warm and natural colors, such as a transitional wood color is largely used in mid-century modern cabinets. However, these cabinets can also be found in bright colors, such as yellow, orange, mustard, olive green, turquoise, pink, gray and black.

Whatever color is chosen for mid-century style cabinets, the right combination of various elements and appliances in matching hues can help create an eye-catching and inviting kitchen.

  • Hardware

Mid-century style modern cabinets feature simple hardware with minimal embellishment and horizontal wood grain. Curved handles with textured patterns are often used with this cabinetry. Chrome attachments and hardware are also widely used with these cabinets.

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Kitchen Styling Tips with Mid-Century Modern Cabinets

  • Add Dramatic Backsplash 

Mid-century modern style cabinetry coupled with a patterned and colored backsplash complements each other perfectly to create a visually appealing kitchen. For instance, black hexagonal backsplash surrounded by white minimalist mid-century modern cabinets can enhance the look of the kitchen more. Bold backsplashes designed with textured tiles are also ideal to draw attention to the sleek cabinetry.

  • Install Laminate Countertops 

Laminate countertops of varied colors and patterns are extensively in modern kitchens. These countertops complement the mid-century cabinetry perfectly. Pairing these cabinets with white, pale green, blue or yellow laminate countertops can create a really fascinating kitchen decor. Add a smooth aluminum accent to the edge of these countertops will enhance the overall look even further.

  • Add Exposed Brick Wall 

Exposed brickwork on the kitchen walls will work great with kitchen cabinets designed in mid-century style. It is also ideal to utilize brick cladding that adds character and texture to the kitchen walls.

  • Incorporate Bold Colors 

As stated before, mid-century modern cabinets mostly come in natural, warm colors. So, adding pops of colors, like orange or turquoise can instantly change the look of your kitchen significantly. These colors will look great with your mid-century modern cabinets and other matching accessories of the room. However, choose the colors in a way that you can keep for a long time. Incorporating white plastic bar stools with chrome legs can further accentuate your living space and add a stunning contrast with these cabinets.

  • Use Statement Lighting Pieces 

Incorporating the right kind of lighting adds to the feel, style, and functionality of the kitchen. Paper lanterns, industrial light fixtures, architectural lanterns, tinted pendants, vintage ceiling lighting are some of the lighting units that work really well with mid-century cabinetry and creates an elegant kitchen décor without going overboard with the ornamentation.

Concluding Note


Homeowners mostly opt for mid-century modern cabinets for their kitchens due to its timeless look and minimalistic design. Utilize the kitchen styling tips discussed in this article to create a kitchen that can be more than just a place to cook in the house.

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