The most common health problem in Thailand and how to tackle it?

One of the most common health issues that people of Thailand face is an allergy ( ภูมิแพ้ ,which is the term in Thai). If you look at some of the survey data that half of the population of Thailand is suffering from some kind of allergy. But here comes the scope for you to learn about allergy and learn how to cure it in case you have it. Allergy is nothing but the antibody reaction to allergens. Allergens, on the other hand, are the substances that create allergic immune response in your body. Once an allergen comes in contact with your body, your antibiodies mostly IgE starts to get activated and try to fight it off though they may not possess any threat to your health, this is what is called allergic response.

What are the types of allergic reaction one can face?

Now that you know what allergic response is, it is time that you know what are the different types of allergic reactions and how to cure them. If you look from the immunological aspect of the problem, you will see that there are four major groups of allergies. The first one is called respiratory allergy where your respiratory system gets affected and may cause anaphylaxis which in turn may lead to death. Then there are skin allergies. In case of skin allergies you will get rashes on skin which may lead to a whole body allergic reaction of skin. Then there is digestive system allergy, here on consuming some allergen your digestive system gets knocked off and may cause diarrhoea and dysentery etc. And the last type is called multi-system allergic response. In this type many of your organs get affected and may lead to multi-organ failure and even death.

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