Steps to clean bathroom effectively

How to Clean Bathroom Floors (Easiest Step by Step Guide)

Bathroom is the most used area in the house and needs to be cleaned thoroughly as to maintain the hygiene. It is better to hire domestic cleaners Wollongong to get the bathroom cleaned with perfection.  They will not only clean but also sanitize the bathroom.

Here are some tips following which you can keep the bathroom clean.

Keep all items on the outside 

Bathroom products like soap, shampoo, brushes, and more things restrict you to clean properly. So, first of all you should remove all the essentials from bathtub. Keep the rugs and towels on the outside for washing. Put all the wrappers or useless bottles in the trash cans.

Sweep and dust

Though you clean your bath regularly but dust may rest on the corners. To get rid of the dust, you can use a long handle duster that will helps in removing dust from the corners. Then you vacuum or sweep the floor for removing debris and hair completely. 

Use cleaner for bathtub and shower

For cleaning the shower and bathtub, you can use an acid-based cleaner or clean them. Apply all the cleaning types as you know.

Clean other surface

Spray with normal cleaners on the sponge, microfiber cloth, and more. Clean the shelves, blinds, towel racks, baseboards, and windowsills. 

Use the cleaning product for floor

If bathroom tiles or tubs are not easily clean, you should use warm water with cleaner and start cleaning the floor.

Clean the bathtub and shower

You use the bathtub and shower for bathing, so when you start to clean them make sure they are properly cleaned because it can lead to skin infection related issues. Clean the floors, walls and other surfaces properly.

Finish the bathtub and shower

After cleaning properly, replace all the essentials whatever you removed. Make sure all essentials are wiped, then close the door or shower curtain. Spray with normal cleaner or glass cleaner and finally wipe the glass door or curtain.

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