Death Scene Cleanup Service Hartford Connecticut: Dealing With the Blood

Death scene cleanup service Hartford Connecticut do not only mean the removal of dead bodies from a crime, suicide, or death scene. In fact, the actual removal of dead bodies is most times not done by the crime scene cleaners, especially when authorities such as the coroner’s office is involved. The crime scene cleaners are left to handle whatever is left, and in many cases, that is where the real work lies.

When rendering death scene cleanup service, cleaners often come in contact with blood. Now, depending on the size of blood encountered on the scene, these cleaners are likely to carry out the cleaning using different techniques, tools, and cleaning products.

Smaller Blood Stains

The blood stain you intend to blot out might be small, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is any less difficult. In removing blood stain of any amount, you would need to consider several factors like what sort of surface the stain is on; porous or nonporous? If the blood has dried out or is it still fresh? These and several other concern must be addressed if you must efficiently blot out the offending stain.

For fresh and dried blood on hard surfaces, a sanitizing agent such as ammonia or bleach would do the trick. You could simply wipe the surface down with a cloth or something tougher that wouldn’t cause any damage to the surface.

Larger Blood Stains

If the blood stain you intend to clean is larger than a dinner plate, then it is best you get professional death scene cleanup services. This serves you well in many ways, some of which you might not really understand. Consider these:

  • Your safety, of course, should be your paramount concern. If you don’t know what bloodborne pathogens are and how to stay safe from them, then you are very likely putting yourself in danger if you undertake the cleanup of large blood stains yourself. The professionals, however, are trained in this regards and are in a better position to eliminate such blood stains while keeping themselves safe.
  • Do you have the right tools, products, and equipment for the job? Sure, some bleach or other cleaning agents might serve you well in cases of smaller blood spills, but definitely not when the blood is larger and might have penetrated some surfaces, appliances or furniture and fittings. The professionals have all they need to ensure that your home is left immaculately clean when they are done.
  • Those who render death scene cleanup services Hartford Connecticut are not only in it for the money. Many of these cleaners come into the business just to ensure that families do not have to go through the pain of cleaning up the blood or body tissues of a deceased family member. They understand that this can take an emotional toll on the surviving family members and as such, are willing to help them at least bear that load. So why carry it yourself, when there are people out there willing to help?

Understandably, you want to eliminate all signs of a dreadful event such as a traumatic loss of a loved one as soon as you can. But don’t be in a rush to do so yourself, don’t be in a rush to scar yourself for life. Call the professionals.

Louise Author